How It Works…

How It Works…

The Weight Organization System for Gyms and Fitness Clubs.

You’re showing a potential new member around the workout floor. He seems impressed, and ready to join. Until…He almost trips over a stray dumbbell left on the floor and there goes your new customer!

How many times has this happened at your facility? How much time does your staff spend each day, cleaning up after members?

How many potential new members have you lost because of a cluttered workout floor, littered with dumbbells and weights which can quickly turn off the most serious prospect? Worse yet, how many times have members or staff been injured, because of equipment left lying around by other members?

Appearance matters for several reasons. If your workout floor resembles a 5 year olds bedroom, then it is time to take control. Maintaining member loyalty so they can see you are concerned about the facilities appearance will aid in member retention.

How Can Put Me Back Help My Gym?

How Can Put Me Back Help My Gym?

  • Members will find it easy to quickly replace equipment.
  • Members will be reminded to clean cardio gear, minimizing the risk of infection to other users and promote cleanliness.
  • Staff won’t have to pick up after users or remind members to replace equipment.
  • Can reduce the risk of potential injury to staff.
  • Fewer trip and fall accidents or injuries from members stumbling over gym equipment left lying around.
  • It will foster a more responsible workout environment, where members are accountable for putting equipment away correctly.
  • Your facility will see increased goodwill and have a reputation as promoting safety, cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Potentially reduce your liability exposure – fewer pieces of equipment lying around = fewer accidents and injuries!
  • Enhances the appearance of your gym – no more weights scattered all over the workout area.
  • Reduces labor needed to remove weights left on the floor.