About Us

About Put Me Back

Put Me Back was inspired by the same problems we see at almost every gym. These issues are consistent regardless if your facility is an exclusive country club or local gym.

We’ve been frustrated searching for equipment which wasn’t where it should have been because either an inconsiderate member felt it is the gym and other member’s responsibility to clean up after them or some members simply don’t know and follow the lead of others.

Years of dissatisfaction led to the development of a unique, high quality, color-coded, affordable system that aids in the proper organization of gym equipment.

Put Me Back organizes and reinforces the return of weights, dumbbells and other equipment back where they belong. Put Me Back will enhance the appearance of your gym, expedite workout time, and increase positive customer feedback.

Opening a gym is a monumental, passionate task. Maintaining the workout area so everyday looks like the first day is an ongoing battle.

Improving member happiness impacts your bottom line, so consider these two bullets:

  • It costs more to attract new members than to keep existing members.
  • Unhappy members are more likely to share their negative experience with new or potential members than satisfied members.

What is Put Me Back?

Put Me Back is a gym equipment organization system that reminds members to return weights to the correct place after use. The system consists of durable, brightly colored stickers informing the user where dumbbells and weights should go.

Some members simply don’t know where weights belong, but with Put Me Back, they have all the information they need. They don’t need to ask where to put back weights and your staff doesn’t need to remind members.